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DHEA For Sleep: Why use DHEA at Night

Struggling to get enough sleep? Hormone decline could be the culprit. Something natural that may help is Twist 25 DHEA cream from Health2Go. Twist 25 helps to provide a healthy hormone base that also has been found to improve REM sleep. Levels of DHEA decline with age and could negatively affect deep, restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Sleep is a Common Problem

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than ⅓ of Americans are sleep deprived, over 35% of adults in the United States get fewer than seven hours of sleep per night, and 1 in 20 Americans have fallen asleep at the wheel in the past month.

Health experts suggest that adults should get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Unfortunately, seven hours of sleep may seem like an unattainable goal for many Americans.

More than half of the adults in the United States reported that they do not sleep soundly at night, instead tossing and turning, and frequently waking up throughout the night. Another 10 to 30% of adults suffer from chronic insomnia and struggle to fall asleep at night.

The sleep epidemic not only impacts how well rested we feel, but the lack of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep has a direct impact on our mood, mental sharpness, productivity, and overall health. REM sleep is the deepest level of sleep and is the level in which we dream and many of the body’s regenerating functions occur. Research suggests that poor sleep increases the risk of developing high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and type II diabetes.

To cope with their sleeping disorders, many people turn to sleeping pills, purchase expensive special beds and pillows and rely on white noise, CPAP machines, and Breathe Right strips. While these are all viable remedies for sleeping disorders, they can be expensive and have unpleasant side effects. If you want to improve your sleep patterns naturally, then you should try DHEA cream!

More than half the population over age 35 reports they get poor quality sleep and not enough sleep. As troubling as that may sound, there is now an easy way to do something about it. Applying a bioidentical skin cream daily that contains bioidentical DHEA can maintain your body’s ability to produce hormones and sleep soundly at night.

What is DHEA & Why Take It At Night?

DHEA is short for dehydroepiandrosterone, a naturally occurring pro-hormone made and processed in the adrenal glands, gonads and dermis. It is a base building block or precursor for more than 50 hormones.

Research is ongoing about how DHEA might influence sleep patterns. Some wonder, “Does DHEA affect sleep?” because hormone regulation can significantly impact our sleep quality. Others ask, “Does DHEA help with sleep?” since DHEA is involved in many processes in the body and could potentially contribute to better sleep.

Hormones perform a wide variety of chemical messenger functions in the body and have many beneficial biologic functions. DHEA has been shown to by clinical research to allow deeper REM sleep.* REM sleep is the deep, restful sleep in which we dream and recharge the brain.

The Decline of DHEA With Age

Until about age twenty-five, people make enough of their own DHEA. In youth, sleep is deep and restful because the body is able to produce plenty of the hormones needed to make that happen. But after age 25 or so, our bodies begin producing less and less DHEA.

So by age 35, men and women alike produce about 20 percent less DHEA than when they were at their best or in the prime of life at age 20-25. By the age of 50, people make only about half the DHEA they did at age 25.

Human DHEA levels with age

As DHEA declines, many processes begin not to function as well. Some of the first signs of hormonal decline are lack of energy during the day and poor quality sleep at night.

Studies Show DHEA Improves Sleep

Millions of people every day wake up after 8 hours of sleep still feeling tired. This begins to happen more and more as people get older because they are not getting enough REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

REM sleep occurs at various intervals during the night. REM sleep is one of the five stages of sleep. It is the deepest stage of sleep when we dream. People typically spend more than two hours per night in REM sleep dreaming.

According to a medical research study published by Dr. E. Friess, et al, “DHEA administration induced a significant increase in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.” * So if people can maintain higher DHEA levels, they can get more REM sleep. People with higher DHEA levels are more likely to wake up feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready to hit the day with energy.

Benefits of DHEA For Sleep Quality – No Dangerous Side Effects


DHEA supports:
-Energy, focus and mental acuity
-Immune system
-Lean muscle tone
-Bone strength
-Cardiovascular health
-Libido and sexual performance
-Deep REM sleep
-Softer, more hydrated skin

DHEA reduces:
-Abdominal Fat
-Risk of Cancer
-Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
-Poor quality sleep
-Joint pain
-Muscle soreness

How to Use DHEA for Results

DHEA must be used properly as a bioidentical DHEA cream applied on the skin rather than as an oral supplement because as a properly made cream, DHEA can be absorbed and processed in the skin where it occurs naturally anyway. Unfortunately, when it is taken orally as a pill, the liver destroys most DHEA before it can do any good.

Twist 25 DHEA cream provides bioidentical DHEA on the dermis where it is used to produce the hormones. DHEA has been shown to allow better sleep at night.

Decreasing quality of sleep in midlife is very common and expectable given the declining DHEA levels that occur. That’s why many middle-aged people often sleep, but don’t feel rested even after 8 hours of sleep. Twist 25 DHEA cream makes sense.

Applying Twist 25 DHEA Cream for Better Sleep 

As an added bonus, DHEA cream is made with coconut oil vitamin E and coenzyme Q-10, all good ingredients for you. Twist 25 cream is also great for the skin.

Try Twist 25 DHEA cream today. Apply 1 or 2 pump presses of dhea before bed and each morning. Rub it in completely on thin, hairless skin to feel the Twist 25 difference.

Sweet dreams!

“DHEA administration increases rapid eye movement sleep and EEG power in sigma frequency range.” Friess E, Trachsel L, Guldner J, Schier T, Steiger A, Holsboer F. American Journal of Physiology Jan 1995 268(1 Pt 1):E107-13. Pubmed study

Hugh R. Woodward, MHA

Hugh Woodward is President/CEO of Health2Go, Inc. Health2Go makes and sells Twist 25 DHEA cream.
Hugh has a BBA in Business Management from University of Texas in Austin, Texas and an MHA, Master of Science in Health Care Administration.

Hugh is a subject matter expert on DHEA dedicating the past 20+ years of his life to studying the medical research about it. Hugh started Health2Go, Inc. in 2007 to research and develop the safest most effective DHEA supplement cream that can be made.

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