Privacy Policy

Health2Go, Inc. only buys ·and sells health and wellness products with a bill to and ship to address in the USA. In conducting business, Health2Go accepts product orders on the online ecommerce website at Health2Go customers enter their name, address, city, state and zip code, telephone number, and email address to place online orders for health products offered for sale on the website. Products are sold on the ecommerce store system so payment card information is provided by the customer to pay for the products purchased. Payment card information entered is immediately conveyed via for approval and order payment. Health2Go customers have a unique secure username and password with which only they can log in to the Health2Go online ecommerce store.

Health2Go does not operate a physical store so no paper documents with customer information exist. Health2Go maintains a record of the product orders received in the ecommerce store system database which is a secure database on a secure WPEngine website hosting server. Payment card information is not visible or accessible in the ecommerce store system once an order is submitted. Health2Go does not sell or share customer order information with any other company or entity. Health2Go does not collect private information about age, sexual preference, or health conditions.

On the website checkout page Health2Go customers may choose to subscribe to the Health2Go customer email list to receive occasional email discount sales offers by checking the box to subscribe when they submit an order. Health2Go customers may choose to unsubscribe from the Health2Go customer email list at any time if they prefer not to receive email communications from Health2Go. Health2Go does not send any advertising via the postal service nor telephone marketing calls.

Health2Go customers can cancel their account on the Health2Go website at any time. Any personal information that was previously provided is deleted when a customer chooses to update or delete their account information.

Health2Go telephone operators are required by contract to follow strict confidentiality requirements as a condition of employment; and are expressly prohibited from keeping or sharing any record of private customer information shared with them when the telephone operator submits the customer’s product order in the Health2Go ecommerce store system.

No customer payment card information is saved or accessible in the Health2Go ecommerce store. There are no hard copy paper files kept of Health2Go customer orders. Health2Go, Inc. follows all European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements in conducting operations. For any questions or concerns regarding customer information privacy, please contact Hugh Woodward, President, Health2Go, Inc.

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