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How To Use DHEA?

Want to know how to use DHEA? DHEA should be used as a properly made pharmaceutical-grade bioidentical DHEA cream called “Twist 25” instead of a pill.

DHEA is short for dehydroepiandrosterone and is a naturally occurring hormone precursor or prohormone. It is a building block for other smaller hormones like testosterone and estrogen and 50 other smaller, more specific carbon chain molecules.  Hormones drive energy, mood, muscle tone, fat, quality of sleep, mental sharpness, the immune system, sex drive, cardiovascular health, bone strength, brain health, skin health, and more.

“Twist 25 DHEA cream is the best DHEA supplement cream made.  Medical research studies clearly show why DHEA is best used as a highly absorbable skin cream.” – Dr. John Woodward

About Twist 25 DHEA Cream

Twist 25 DHEA cream is generally recommended for men or women aged 35 and up. DHEA Cream is a specially compounded pharmaceutical-grade coconut oil-based skin cream. The cream contains bioidentical DHEA, a base building block for hormones. Most hormone processing actually happens in the skin, the body’s largest organ.

How To Use Twist 25 DHEA Cream

1-2 pump presses should be applied morning and evening each day. The cream should be rubbed in completely on thin, hairless skin, such as between the inner arm and abdomen, the face, neck, or inner thighs. Each full pump contains 25 MG of DHEA. Consistent daily use of the cream yields the best results.

Reasons to Use DHEA Cream Instead of a Pill

There are 3 key reasons for this:

  • When DHEA is taken orally as a pill, most of it is eliminated by the “First-pass effect” of the liver. Basically, this means that the liver filters out most of the effective DHEA before it can do any good; and what does end up increasing in the bloodstream is DHEA-S (DHEA sulfate), not free DHEA. Free DHEA is what is processed into the sex hormones, which are the hormones that help us to feel good.
  • DHEA-S is not the same as free DHEA. The body does not convert DHEA-S into free DHEA.  DHEA can be converted into DHEA-S, but not the other way around. (Hammer, Fabian, Subtil s, Lux P, Maser-Gluth C, Stewart P, et al “No Evidence for Hepatic Conversion of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Sulfate to DHEA: In Vivo and In Vitro Studies,” Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. March 8, 2005, pp. 3600-3605)
  • Medical research shows the human body metabolizes most DHEA into various smaller, more specific hormones in the skin (the dermis). The skin is where we metabolize much of the DHEA we make.  So Twist 25 DHEA cream actually provides exactly what the body produces naturally (bioidentical DHEA) where it can be utilized (the skin). DHEA also has many skin-care benefits. DHEA is a base for sebum, helps with collagen formation, and protects skin cells from both UV and chemical carcinogens.

“In postmenopausal women, all estrogens and most androgens are made locally in peripheral target tissues from the inactive adrenal steroid precursor dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). In adult men, approximately 50% of androgens are made locally.”

(Labrie F. et al Semin Reprod Med. 2004 Nov;22(4):299-309. Adrenal androgens and intracrinology.

Source: Oncology and Molecular Endocrinology Research Center, Laval University Hospital Research Center, Quebec City, Canada. fernand.labrie@crchul.ulaval.ca)

DHEA must be used as a bioidentical DHEA cream. Twist 25 DHEA cream has been researched, developed, and perfected by Dr. John Woodward and his son, Hugh Woodward, founder and President of Health2Go, Inc., since 1997.

Twist 25 DHEA cream has been researched, developed, tested, and perfected since 1997. A board-certified OB-GYN who specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy created the first DHEA cream. The cream is made in an FDA-approved compounding facility following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  Twist 25 DHEA Cream is made with a specialized pharmaceutical grade coconut oil base cream with vitamin E and co-enzyme Q-10.

An independent laboratory tests each batch of Twist 25 DHEA cream for proper mix and strength before issuing a certificate of analysis (CofA).

Twist 25 DHEA cream has been shelf-life tested, retaining its strength and efficacy for 24 months. DHEA cream provides what the body uses and where the body uses it.

Twist 25 is applied in 10–15 seconds. The cream leaves no oily residue, is fragrance-free, contains no soy, no parabens, no lecithin, no cyclodextrins, and is gluten-free.

Twist 25 DHEA cream is much safer and cheaper than HGH, providing many of the desired anti-aging benefits without the dangerous side effects.

History and Role of DHEA

DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, was first identified in 1931 and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1939. DHEA is often referred to as “the anti-aging hormone” “the fountain of youth hormone” and “the mother hormone”. It serves as a base for more than 50 hormones in human biochemistry.

DHEA levels increase from birth through adolescence and puberty and peak between ages 20-25, when we are “in our prime”. Then DHEA levels gradually decrease by about 2% per year thereafter. So, by age 35, the body produces about 20% less DHEA than when we were “in our prime” at age 25; and by age 50, we produce 50% less DHEA than we did when we were in our twenties. This gradual decline continues.

Human DHEA levels with age
Graph showing DHEA levels

Functions of DHEA

DHEA promotes tissue formation after exercise and counterbalances the inflammatory effects of cortisol. So it helps reduce soreness after workouts and helps us to rebuild muscle, cartilage, and bone. DHEA also serves as a base for sebum (skin oil), protecting skin cells from both UV and chemical carcinogens. In addition, this hormone stimulates the formation of connective tissue and cartilage and improves bone strength.

DHEA supports:

DHEA reduces:

It is not possible to eat any particular foods to increase DHEA. DHEA supplementation is generally recommended for people 35 and up to maintain health.

The Importance of a Daily Routine

Make it part of your daily routine. It’s a good thing to apply after a warm bath or shower when the skin is clean and dry. Skin pores are open and clean, and blood flow is good.

I put it right by my toothbrush and toothpaste. I put on some Twist 25 cream every time I brush my teeth.


At least in the morning and evening every day. Twist 25 DHEA cream is for external use. Avoid sensitive skin near the eyes or mouth. DHEA cream is for application as a topical skin cream.

Is DHEA Safe? DHEA Dosage

Yes. DHEA is safe and is not addictive or habit-forming. DHEA has no dangerous side effects and is the most abundant naturally occurring prohormone in the human body.

Twist 25 DHEA cream is generally recommended for men or women aged 35 and up. Twist 25 DHEA cream has not been tested for use by women who are pregnant or nursing and has no dangerous side effects.

DHEA is available in the U.S. without a prescription. In some countries, like Canada, France, and Australia, products containing DHEA require a physician’s prescription. Health2Go, Inc. can only accept orders from customers with a bill to and ship to addresses in the U.S.A. Twist 25 DHEA cream is made in the U.S.A.

It is important to use Twist 25 DHEA cream properly to get the many benefits DHEA can provide. Each full pump press from the pump contains 25 MG of DHEA.

DHEA Supplementation

Twist 25 DHEA cream is generally recommended for people aged 35 and up to maintain their health. DHEA is much more effective than oral DHEA supplements, which the liver’s first-pass effect largely eliminates before they can have any positive effects. DHEA cream is a more effective option.

Feel your best. Look your best; with Twist 25 DHEA cream.

Use Twist 25 DHEA cream. Make your own hormones.

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