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Health2Go Pycnogenol – Stay Young

Pycnogenol is a powerful antioxidant supplement. Made using a special coastal pine bark extract, pycnogenol is a safe, effective nutritional supplement that is 50 times more effective than vitamin E and 20 times more effective than vitamin C in providing the detoxifying benefits of proanthocyanidins (PCO’s). Pycnogenol is a water-soluble antioxidant that proactively pull toxins from the body (20 times more effectively than vitamin C ! ).

The PCO’s in Pycnogenol seek out free-radicals proactively — the molecules that cause aging — and destroy them to help maintain youthful health while also helping fight wrinkles, skin sagging and collagen degradation.

Native American elders made a “tea of youth” with a special coastal pine bark. Now science shows why this traditional natural medicine remedy really worked.

Support Health. Boost the Immune System & Live Clean

In addition to fighting the visible signs of aging, pycnogenol’s antioxidants

benefits improve health throughout the body, fighting inflammation and DNA damage.

Pycnogenol improves health by:

  • Supporting connective tissue
  • Improving vascular health
  • Boosting cognitive function
  • Strengthening the immune system

Health2Go Pycnogenol 50 mg capsules – 60 caps per bottle

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