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Feeling Right again with DHEA

To maintain optimal health and well-being, humans need adequate levels of dehydroepiandrosterone, known as DHEA. DHEA is the most abundant naturally occurring pro-hormone in the human body. DHEA levels gradually increase from birth to about age 25, when we are in our “reproductive prime” as humans. But after age 25, DHEA levels begin to decrease …

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US Navy SEALs training


There is a very interesting new scientific study performed measuring the DHEA levels for Navy SEALs as they develop through the levels of BUDs training. Special Operations Forces (SOF) are highly trained military personnel with specialized skill sets that allow them to do high-risk missions under extreme conditions. So Special Operations Forces personnel go through …

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Feel your best and Look your best with Twist 25 DHEA Cream

Twist 25 DHEA Cream – When You Feel Great You Look Great!

It makes sense – after a few months, people start asking Twist 25 cream users “What have you been doing? You look so good…so young. You look 5 years younger than when I saw you last.” It’s because DHEA, short for dehydroepiandrosterone, is a crucial prohormone or base building block from which the body produces …

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Stay Active. Stay Sharp. Stay Alive.

How can I stay young? The age old question (pun intended)! It depends how you measure success; but science has repeatedly shown there are behaviors that help us stay healthy and happy as we get older: #1 – Eat a healthy diet high in a variety of green vegetables and low in carbohydrates #2 – …

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Improve deep REM sleep with Twist 25 DHEA cream

Sleeping Better During Menopause

Dealing with the effects of menopause can be frustrating, and you may feel that the struggle is even more difficult when you’re not able to sleep. It’s always easier to face the day when you’ve gotten enough sleep the night before. Uninterrupted sleep is much more beneficial than the constant tossing and turning that can …

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look better and generally stay healthier

The Benefits of DHEA for Women

For both men and women, the body relies on DHEA to function at its best. For women, DHEA offers a number of benefits that can help them feel better, look better and generally stay healthier from age 35 and up, as they begin to approach menopause, during menopause and after menopause. From the medical research, …

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YES Twist 25 DHEA Cream Works!

Should I Use DHEA cream? The Answer is YES!

…But what’s the question, you may ask. For most of us, deciding to do something new in our daily routine for health or happiness takes passing the “Is this worth it?” test. Question: #1 – Is it safe? #2 – Is it proven by science to do something beneficial? #3 – Is the benefit worth …

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Summer Fun in the Sun

Feel the heat? ..but not got the beat in your feet to get outside and dance? Summer is supposed to be the time when we go to the beach, get outdoors, have some fun in the sun! …but, if you’re lacking vitality, focus and energy – not good. So do something about it. Most people …

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Twist 25 DHEA hormone cream

How to Use DHEA?

Want to know how to use DHEA? DHEA should be used as a properly made pharmaceutical grade bioidentical DHEA cream called “Twist 25” instead of a pill. DHEA is short for dehydroepiandrosterone. DHEA is a naturally occurring hormone precursor or pro-hormone. DHEA is a building block for other smaller hormones like testosterone and estrogen and …

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