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What is Normal? and Other Great DHEA Questions

When it comes to dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) levels, what’s ‘normal?’

We love talking with Twist 25® customers and people who want to learn more about DHEA. Recently, we had a couple of conversations that might interest others—especially regarding testing for DHEA levels—so we’re posting the questions on the blog.

One conversation started like this: “My doctor recommended I use Twist 25 DHEA cream to help maintain healthy hormones. He gave me a whole list of benefits like: bone strength, cardiovascular health, supporting the immune system, softer skin..He said it was also good for cartilage and other connective tissue, fuller softer hair, and reduced risks of cancer… But, I have some questions …”

Q: Do men and women have different DHEA?
A: The DHEA molecule itself is the same for men as for women. Men and women both produce DHEA, but men typically make a bit more than women do. Women’s levels peak at about 350-400; while for men, levels peak at between 350-650. Here are the typical “normal” levels throughout life for men and women at different ages.

Normal levels for DHEA -sulfate (a close more stable measurable “cousin” or metabolite of DHEA) differ by sex and age. Here are typical amounts of DHEA-S produced by women and men on average.

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Here is a graph depicting these DHEA levels over the human lifespan.

Q: Why would people 35 and up apply DHEA onto their skin daily?

A: A picture speaks a thousand words. In the graph below, the area between the dark blue line and the red line is what could be called “room for improvement” for DHEA levels during the human lifespan.


Q: Is DHEA safe to use?
A: DHEA is the most abundant naturally occurring prohormone in the human body. Providing something natural, DHEA, that exists and is used in the skin anyway in a coconut oil base cream is great for your skin and also great for your health. There are no dangerous side effects.

Q: Well, that makes sense. So if I order Twist 25 DHEA cream, how long does one container of Twist 25 DHEA cream last?
A: One container of Twist 25 cream contains 50 ml of cream. Each full pump press releases 0.5 ml of cream. There are about 100 squirts of cream in a container. So, if one pump press is applied each morning and evening, then one container of cream will last about 50 days.

Q: How does Health2Go ship orders to customers?
A: If you order by subscription, shipping is free + you don’t have to remember to reorder. It conveniently charges $49.95 to your card every month and ships to you via US Postal Service First Class.

For orders of either one pump of Twist 25 or a 3-pack of Twist 25, $7 shipping and handling (S&H) is charged. The same flat rate applies whether one pump is ordered or three. It does not matter where you live in the USA, including Alaska, Hawaii, or a US government base anywhere in the world.

S&H= $ 7.oo flat rate for orders of 1 pump or 3 pumps.

Q: What if I live in Canada or Australia or some other country?
A: Twist 25 cream is made in the USA and sold only in the USA. Twist 25 cream cannot be ordered by or shipped to anybody except residents of the USA (and USA military bases and US territories) because in some countries like Canada and Australia, for example, products containing DHEA require a prescription.

However, in the USA products containing DHEA are available for over-the-counter (OTC) purchase without a prescription because it is safe and has no dangerous side effects. After all, DHEA is the most abundant naturally occurring prohormone in the human body. Not a foreign substance. No dangerous side effects. Twist 25® DHEA cream is an active trademark on file with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Only Health2Go, Inc. can make Twist 25 DHEA cream. It is available through many health retailers.

Hugh R. Woodward, MHA

Hugh Woodward is President/CEO of Health2Go, Inc. Health2Go makes and sells Twist 25 DHEA cream.
Hugh has a BBA in Business Management from University of Texas in Austin, Texas and an MHA, Master of Science in Health Care Administration.

Hugh is a subject matter expert on DHEA dedicating the past 20+ years of his life to studying the medical research about it. Hugh started Health2Go, Inc. in 2007 to research and develop the safest most effective DHEA supplement cream that can be made.

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