A Natural Advantage

Simple things keep us in good health and in harmony with our world—sunlight, exercise, sleep, eating right. Maintaining these healthy practices over time can create an abundance of good health and happiness.

DHEA is a helper hormone – a prohormone. Much like vitamin D3 acts as a provitamin, helping vitamins and minerals in the body do what they do better, DHEA helps the body make and use hormones naturally. After age 25, we make about 2 percent less DHEA per year.

Twist 25 DHEA cream, made with coconut oil, co-enzyme Q-10 and vitamin E provides the DHEA that the body makes and uses naturally. Applied onto thin, hairless skin, Twist 25 helps men and women over 35 maintain to regain that healthy edge. Establishing a natural advantage like this early on makes a great difference in how you age.

Maintaining health, quality of life, and appearance is important. Use Twist 25 DHEA cream to provide the natural, biologic compound that helps your body make the hormones that keep you looking and feeling your best.

It’s a natural advantage!

Hugh R. Woodward, MHA

Hugh Woodward is President/CEO of Health2Go, Inc. Health2Go makes and sells Twist 25 DHEA cream.
Hugh has a BBA in Business Management from University of Texas in Austin, Texas and an MHA, Master of Science in Health Care Administration.

Hugh is a subject matter expert on DHEA dedicating the past 20+ years of his life to studying the medical research about it. Hugh started Health2Go, Inc. in 2007 to research and develop the safest most effective DHEA supplement cream that can be made.

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