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Getting Stronger and Leaner with DHEA

Who doesn’t want to be stronger and leaner? Most of us would be thrilled to lose weight and get into better shape, but it often feels like even the strictest diet and exercise regimens simply don’t work. It’s little wonder that people just can’t seem to find the time or “don’t feel like” going to the gym. Over age 35, it gets even harder to get motivated to exercise because hormone levels decline, so there is a subsequent lack of energy and drive. Many people drink energy drinks that can have detrimental effects on blood pressure over time or drink protein shakes to help build muscle. If you’re over 35, there is another more common sense approach that works better than any of these other things: DHEA.


People often think of DHEA as an anti-aging supplement. But wait, what is “anti-aging?” Anti-aging is maintaining your health. Nothing can turn back the hands of time, but healthy lifestyle behaviors each day may help maintain things closer to when we were “at our best” or “in our prime.” Most people are at their healthiest, or physically fittest with regard to muscle tone and low muscle to fat ratio at about age 25. This is when we make the most DHEA, an important pro-hormone precursor for some 50 smaller carbon chain molecules we call hormones.

According to studies performed, DHEA helps people work out and get results. One study conducted with older women focused on improvements in leg strength, but DHEA helps many younger women and men, too, get more shapely muscle when they maintain higher DHEA levels, and allows them to push workout results to the next level. In a 10-month study by researchers at Washington University, men and women over the age of 65 were found to have less visceral and subcutaneous abdominal fat if they supplemented their DHEA level compared to those who did not. Furthermore, recovery after workouts improves because DHEA helps to counterbalance negative effects of inflammation and cortisol production during recovery.

DHEA helps people to build shapely muscle tone, lose fat while doing so and thus notice improved results from exercise. Indeed, participants in the study saw significant results after using DHEA consistently. Results are even better when DHEA is used properly as a daily skin cream rather than as a pill. People find that Twist 25 DHEA cream combined with 30-60 minutes of exercise each day is the secret weapon they needed to get on track again.

As we’ve discussed before, one of the reasons people gain nice shapely muscle and lose weight is that using Twist 25 cream builds on itself. When people use Twist 25 DHEA cream they feel more rested and have more energy and focus so they go to the gym. Going to the gym and being more active during the day helps them sleep better at night, which in turn gives them more energy to go the gym. The incentive is more attractive, too, because results are more readily felt and visible from the effort. Over days, then weeks, then months, this healthy cycle keeps perpetuating itself, helping the body gain shapely toned muscle and lose unwanted abdominal fat.

You Still Need to Work Out

As exciting as the results of this study and other studies may be, there is one significant caveat: DHEA alone is not going to magically make your muscles bigger or stronger, or all of a sudden make you all skinny, lean, fit and trim. Sorry, but to improve your physique, strength and muscle tone or lose abdominal fat, people still have to exercise and eat right. Here’s the good news though: The time you spend at the gym exercising will yield noticeable results, including faster recovery after workouts, visible improvements in muscle tone, less fat, better sleep at night more energy during the day.

Remember, it’s all the little things we do each day that combine to make a big difference in time.

With so many advantages for health and appearance and lack of any dangerous side effects, it is easy to understand why so many people make Twist 25 DHEA cream a must in their daily routine. If you’re 35 or up and into staying physically fit, and want noticeable workout results, using Twist 25 bioidentical DHEA cream is well worth your while. Try it. Feel the difference.

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