Athletic Woman Lifting Weights in a Gym enjoying the benefits of Twist 25 DHEA cream

Stay Active. Stay Sharp. Stay Alive.

How can I stay young? The age old question (pun intended)!
It depends how you measure success; but science has repeatedly shown there are behaviors that help us stay healthier and happier as we get older:

#1 – Drink plenty of water.

#2 – Eat a healthy diet high in a variety of green vegetables and fruits
and low in sugars

#3 – Exercise regularly. Stay active.

#4 – Sleep 7+ hours per night

#5 – Maintain healthy hormone levels

Science confirms that staying active allows people to remain healthier and mentally sharper. It’s a fact that people who exercise regularly are more likely to stay sharp and live longer, too.

So Health2Go, Inc. after years of testing, developed a daily DHEA skin cream that helps maintain healthy hormones, and thus people 35 and up can regain the energy and drive to exercise every day, while also allowing for faster muscle recovery, deeper REM sleep at night, less abdominal fat and stronger bones.

Strive to make improvements every day on several different levels. Naturally maintain a sharp mind so you can have the energy to exercise, because we live longer if we stay active. Twist 25 DHEA cream boosts your body’s natural hormone production to help maintain healthy hormone levels. Healthy hormone levels, in turn, help us maintain an active lifestyle. And an active life, with a sharp mind, yields real progress toward health and happiness.

Twist 25 DHEA cream helps men and women maintain healthy hormone levels. It also helps us get better quality sleep at night, have a positive attitude, sharper mind in addition to faster recovery after exercise.

It is all the little things we do each day that make a big difference. Stay active. Stay sharp. Stay fit. Use Twist 25 DHEA cream.

Hugh R. Woodward, MHA

Hugh Woodward is President/CEO of Health2Go, Inc. Health2Go makes and sells Twist 25 DHEA cream.
Hugh has a BBA in Business Management from University of Texas in Austin, Texas and an MHA, Master of Science in Health Care Administration.

Hugh is a subject matter expert on DHEA dedicating the past 20+ years of his life to studying the medical research about it. Hugh started Health2Go, Inc. in 2007 to research and develop the safest most effective DHEA supplement cream that can be made.

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