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Care for Your Skin: DHEA’s Role in Skin Hydration and Sebum

There are many ways people try to rejuvenate their skin. The most common approach for years have been skin hydration supplements like creams or gels that are rubbed onto the skin surface, but simple natural biological basics rubbed in to the skin, absorbed into the skin is the best approach.

The basic concept revolves around assisting the skin in its natural processes: promoting the production of new skin with sufficient sebum supplements for hydration and collagen for structural integrity.

Healthy skin must be built. It’s imperative to nurture healthy skin from within, as it serves as a visible reflection of overall well-being and age perception. Collagen in the skin gives skin it’s fabric and structure.

Healthy skin shows. People see it right away. Healthy youthful looking skin conveys the first impression. Take it at “face value”. We all know it is true.

Our skin speaks.People determine the age and health of someone they meet within 10 seconds. Skin is a telltale sign people use to gauge overall health and age. Medical research now reveals why dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) drives this.

Historical Background of DHEA

DHEA was first identified in 1931 by Dr. Adolf Butenandt, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1939. Frequently called “the anti-aging hormone”, DHEA is a base for more than 50 hormones that are smaller or more specific carbon chain molecules in human biochemistry. As a precursor for all estrogenic and androgenic hormones, humans make DHEA naturally from birth. DHEA is the most abundant foundation or base from which the body makes hormones. DHEA is produced primarily in the adrenal glands, gonads (testicles or ovaries), and is metabolized in the skin. This is one of the primary reasons it is best to use DHEA as a cream rather than a pill.

DHEA Levels over human lifespan

DHEA levels increase from birth through adolescence and puberty and peak between age 20-25, when we are “in our prime”. Then DHEA levels decline with age by about 2% per year thereafter. A blood test can confirm this decline.

So, by age 35, the body produces about 20% less DHEA than when we were “in our prime” at age 25; and by age 50, we produce 50% less DHEA than we did when we were in our twenties. This gradual decline continues.

Human DHEA levels with age

DHEA: A Gateway to Youthful Skin

After age 25, sex hormones begin a gradual decline. By age 35, both men and women begin to notice the effects of declining hormones in many different ways.

Quality of sleep at night declines, as does energy, mood, muscle tone, sex drive and more. Declining hormone levels are strongly associated with many important health measures, such a cardiovascular health, bone strength, mental sharpness and more. These are all signs of gradual hormone decline that we call aging.

These unfortunate declines may be slowed or avoided by maintaining youthful DHEA levels, a crucial hormone precursor. Using DHEA as a properly made DHEA supplement cream called Twist 25 is key.

DHEA provides health benefits. Skin benefits are visible. Youth can be seen.

The Role of DHEA in Skin Hydration & Health

Skin, or the dermis, serves as the body’s largest organ, offering an external reflection of age and overall health. Extensive medical research sheds light on the critical importance of skin hydration supplements and sebum supplements to skin vitality.Why does DHEA cream prove highly advantageous for skin? Scientific evidence outlines numerous compelling reasons.

Skin is the body’s largest organ – the dermis. The pro-hormone DHEA is actually metabolized in the skin. According to medical research done Fernand Labrie, MD at University of Toronto Medical school, the study determined that most hormones in post menopausal women are no longer predominantly processed in the ovaries, but are metablolised from DHEA in the skin.

DHEA serves as a foundational element for skin oil, known as sebum. Constant regeneration and change occur within the body’s dermal layer, which also acts as a protective barrier, absorbing nutrients and shielding against toxins.

Moreover, DHEA demonstrates a remarkable ability to mitigate the risks associated with chemical and UV light carcinogens for skin cells. Twist 25 DHEA cream, formulated with a coconut oil base and enriched with vitamin E and co-enzyme Q-10, promotes hydrated, soft skin. Additionally, DHEA aids in diminishing keratoses, commonly referred to as “age spots” or “liver spots.”

Considering the breadth of medical research, it becomes evident why DHEA cream stands as a stalwart ally for fostering healthier, more youthful-looking skin. Opting for DHEA in cream form, rather than as a pill, proves superior due to enhanced absorption and processing within the skin.

Notably, DHEA safeguards skin integrity and sustains optimal skin hydration levels, boasting an impeccable safety profile devoid of adverse effects. Twist 25 DHEA cream not only maintains skin’s youthful, soft, well-hydrated, and vibrant appearance but also mitigates the risks associated with both chemical and UV carcinogens, while simultaneously addressing age spots. Incorporating Twist 25 DHEA cream into your daily skincare routine for your face, neck, and hands promises remarkable skin benefits.

Harnessing the Power of DHEA Cream: Elevating Skin Hydration and Radiance

Twist 25® DHEA Cream is a pharmaceutical-grade skin cream made with bioidentical DHEA, in an absorbable coconut oil cream base. Maintain young-looking, soft, beautiful skin while maintaining your hormones, collagen and sebum with Twist 25 DHEA cream.

The formulation of skin care products plays a pivotal role in their efficacy. Twist 25 DHEA Cream’s synergistic blend of ingredients not only delivers DHEA to the skin but also provides essential nutrients for optimal skin health. This comprehensive approach ensures deep skin hydration and lasting radiance, promoting a youthful complexion from within.

Beyond Surface Beauty: The Comprehensive Benefits of DHEA

When you consider the medical research, it is easy to understand how and why DHEA cream helps people have healthier, younger-looking skin. The best way to use DHEA is as a cream, rather than a pill, because it is better absorbed and processed in the skin.

DHEA protects the skin and helps it to remain soft and well hydrated. DHEA is very safe to use. By incorporating supplements for skin hydration, you further enhance the comprehensive approach to maintaining youthful skin.

The transformative effects of DHEA go beyond mere cosmetic enhancements. Its ability to stimulate collagen production and enhance skin elasticity underscores its role in promoting long-term skin health. By addressing underlying factors contributing to skin aging, DHEA offers comprehensive protection against environmental stressors, fostering resilience and vitality.

Embrace DHEA for Lasting Vitality

Feel your best. Look your best.

Why settle for superficial solutions when you can revitalize your skin from the inside out? Embrace the transformative power of DHEA and unlock the secret to timeless beauty. With Twist 25 DHEA Cream, defy the effects of time and revel in the radiance of youthful, supple, hydrated skin. Experience the difference and embark on a journey to lasting vitality—one radiant complexion at a time.


Hugh R. Woodward, MHA

Hugh Woodward is President/CEO of Health2Go, Inc. Health2Go makes and sells Twist 25 DHEA cream.
Hugh has a BBA in Business Management from University of Texas in Austin, Texas and an MHA, Master of Science in Health Care Administration.

Hugh is a subject matter expert on DHEA dedicating the past 20+ years of his life to studying the medical research about it. Hugh started Health2Go, Inc. in 2007 to research and develop the safest most effective DHEA supplement cream that can be made.

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