Build Lean Muscle and Reduce Belly Fat

Use DHEA to Build Lean Muscle & Reduce Belly Fat

Low levels of the naturally occurring pro-hormone DHEA are associated with many age related conditions. Maintaining youthful levels of DHEA with a supplement cream called Twist 25 can have many beneficial health effects over time. The cream is applied daily on thin hairless skin, where the body makes and processes DHEA. Benefits most reported by men using Twist 25 DHEA cream is that they feel leaner and fitter; they notice a reduction in abdominal fat, leaner more shapely muscle tone, and faster recovery after workouts. This is driven by improved hormones.

Male Hormones
After age 35, many men begin to lose that muscular physique they had in their 20s. It gets easier and easier to gain abdominal fat, and harder and harder to stay strong lean and fit. Many guys realize their interest in sex has diminished, and they don’t sleep deeply at night anymore. They toss and turn and get intermittent sleep, instead of deep REM sleep. Why? This happens because hormones gradually decline as we get older.

Hormones drive energy, mood, mental sharpness, muscle tone, fat, sex drive and more. In women, this gradual decline in hormones is called “menopause”. The same gradual hormone decline occurs in men; and has come to be called “andropause”.

Since DHEA is the body’s most abundant base building block for some 50 smaller more specific hormones like testosterone, estrogen, estrone, estradiol and others, the reduced levels of DHEA after age 25 gradually leads to many unpleasant declines in hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Some folks just accept it as a normal part of aging. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can maintain youthful vigor and and vitality and thereby remain healthier and happier as we get older.

Supplementing DHEA the right way, as a bioidentical cream that is absorbed and processed in the skin allows the body to make it’s own hormones from it. This is where much DHEA metabolism occurs naturally anyway, in the skin, the dermis, the largest organ of the body. DHEA is the most abundant naturally occurring pro-hormone in the body. DHEA helps men maintain youthful vitality, muscle tone and health. Twist 25 DHEA cream is also very safe; and reduces risks of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Results from Exercise – Shapely Muscle Tone
One of the most common things we hear from Twist 25 DHEA cream users is that they feel more alive and have more energy so they start exercising more often or make time to go to the the gym to work out more. They start to notice that they are not as sore the next day; and they start seeing results from their workout efforts – they feel leaner and fitter, and notice they are getting in nice shape and gaining muscle tone from their efforts.

So, because men like it when something yields results, and they are not feeling muscle soreness from the workout they did the day before, they start exercising or going to the gym more regularly. As a result, they start to sleep more soundly at night because they have had an active productive day.
Thus, they have more energy the next day – awakening refreshed and feeling vibrant. So, since they feel good, they go to exercise again. This cycle feeds on itself, and over time yields great results. Do remember to apply the Twist 25 DHEA cream after your shower. Apply it morning and evening each day. Many find it convenient to put right beside their toothbrush and toothpaste so when they brush their teeth they also apply their Twist 25 cream every morning and every evening.

When men see and feel results from exercise, they tend to exercise more. Obviously, we all know the many great effects that exercise can have to improve and maintain better health and looks. It really makes sense.

Abdominal Body Fat
After age 35, most men (and women too) find it easier and easier to gain weight, especially belly fat; and find it harder and harder to lose it. Well, exciting medical research done by a team of physicians in the Department of Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine shows that DHEA can significantly reduce abdominal fat. It is thought that this reduced abdominal fat occurs because DHEA helps people to have better insulin sensitivity, thereby reducing the risks of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, while allowing energy in the bloodstream to be burned by the body rather than stored away as fat.

So, men – wise up. Get fit. Maintain your physique; build toned shapely muscle when you exercise, lose belly fat, and regain sex drive with Twist 25 DHEA cream.
Look your best Feel your best with Twist 25.
Use Twist 25 DHEA cream – Make your own hormones.

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