What is Twist 25?

Twist 25 cream is the highest quality DHEA cream possible, made with select pharmaceutical grade ingredients in a carefully engineered cream base. The present formulation of Twist 25 is the result of years of testing and refinement.

What is DHEA?

DHEA is a pro-hormone – a natural building block for hormones our bodies make. After age 25 we make about 2% less DHEA per year. Use Twist 25 to maintain youthful DHEA levels after age 35.

What makes Twist 25 better than other DHEA products?

The cream is the secret! Medical research shows that most DHEA metabolism occurs in the skin.* Twist 25 is a bioidentical DHEA cream that is absorbed into the skin. “Bioidentical” means that the DHEA in Twist 25 is the same molecular structure as is produced in humans.

Why is cream better?

DHEA as a cream is far more effective than oral DHEA because most DHEA is metabolized by the body in the skin. When taken as a pill, DHEA is destroyed by the “first-pass effect” of the liver. The liver filters out most DHEA before it can do any good; what does get into the bloodstream is DHEA-S (DHEA sulfate). For more information about DHEA, please read some of the medical research by Dr. Fernand Labrie.

Where does the DHEA for Twist 25 come from?

The DHEA in Twist 25 is produced from natural plant sources. Every batch of cream is tested by third party laboratories to ensure proper mix and strength.

How is it used?

Twist 25 is most effective when applied daily onto thin, vascular skin. It is gently absorbed leaving no residue or odor. One full pump press contains 25 mg. of pharmaceutical grade bioidentical DHEA.

When will I notice a difference?

Many subtle benefits are easy to feel within a few weeks.

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